November 30, 2017


Dr Ary Ginanjar Agustian, Founder ESQ165 Leadership Center, Indonesia:

“QX is the answer to building from good to “GREAT CHARACTER” and transforming “heart-centered” mindset for future generations!  I believe QX will change cultures and the world we live in.  I, personally, have gone through this life-changing programme.   Embracing similar QX 9 Habits and Laws have helped me realized Menara 165 in Jakarta and other visions of mine.”


Professor Dr Muhaya Mohamad, well-known Motivational Speaker & Ophthalmologist:

“I am so happy and grateful that my family and I have had the opportunity to undergo QX Training. I strongly believe by living QX habits and laws and teaching it to people we love around us; we can leave a precious legacy for the betterment of Ummah.  I look forward to conducting QX seminars jointly with Fathiah for all university students and for our nation.”


Puan Wan Yon Shahima Wan Othman, Chief Operating Officer, Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), Malaysia:

“QX answered all the ambiguities I have had in my life and in my career development. Definitely it’s a fantastic programme.”


Her Excellency Rose Okiwa, wife of former Kenyan Ambassador to Malaysia:

“It has greatly changed me since the course has reprogrammed my thinking for success.    I will be a positive influencer to others. It is a life-changing course.  I thank God for it.  I am so excited to have a Quantum Excellence life and greatly enrich all my 4 dormains – in life, work, community and self.”


The Honourable Namelo Sokoine, Member of Parliament and leader, Tanzania:

“This has been my first time for such a workshop.  I am leaving Malaysia being different inside and full of confidence and positive vision.”


Ms Maymouna Al-Hammad, Third Secretary of United Arab Emirates Foreign Ministry:

“QX has changed my inner talk and results as this workshop taught me how to deal with my life.  I would love that all the women in my country can be empowered by QX so that they can hold high level positions.”


Ms Thitibhada Sukitkanaporn, Manager, Thailand:

“QX changed my mindset.   It empowers me and inspires me to become a change agent for success and excellence.   I now understand that skills and talents are not enough to become successful entrepreneur.   We need to change our inner talk.”


Professor Hoa, Trainer & Former Head of Leadership Institute, Vietnam:

“I love embracing QX Habits. It keeps me energized and motivated every day.  I am in control of the results I want in my life.  QX training has allowed me to leverage on the experiences of successful, well-grounded people.”


Dr Betty Binh, Head of Business School, Saigon University, Vietnam:

“QX habits have helped me become better academician, manager and leader and being solution oriented. I have also grown stronger mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I am more likeable and a better daughter, wife and friend.”


Encik Syamputra, lecturer & entrepreneur, Malaysia:

“QX impacted me and changed my life so much in totality…. I am really changed!   I now know my unlimited potential.   I feel like I have a “monster” in myself.  I am so grateful to have met Quantum Excellence.   You have opened my mind to the world of possibilities…”


Encik Mohd Izdihar Bin Mostaman, Head Human Resource, Perbadanan Nasional Berhad, Malaysia:

“This is one of the best programmes I’ve attended.  It helped me in understanding my own potential and I now know how to help others to also maximize their potential.”


Ms Mah Lai Sein, Corporate Trainer,  Malaysia:

“The energy of the trainer is fantastic. It gives me further inspiration that women working from home can achieve excellence and success.   It is eye-opening, with reflective modules for self-improvement.  It challenges me to step out of my comfort zone.”


Mr Anthonio Nguyen, Professional Architect & Entrepreneur, Vietnam:

QX Habits is like having continuous supply of oxygen daily.  It keeps me energized and motivated. I have grown to become successful in my career due to my strong self-belief, goal-driven and always saying my gratitude.”


Ms Monica Carol Holfster, Managing Director, Accounting Software Company, Singapore

“QX habits have had a significant impact on me both personally and professionally.   Personally, I’ve been able to change my interactions with others and my outlook on life. Professionally, my business has thrived as result of embracing QX Habits.”


Encik Mohd Amin Ismail, Executive, Internal Audit Department, Perbadanan Nasional Berhad, Malaysia:

“I feel empowered.  I now understand how to “awaken the giant” in me by serving my RAS more effectively and by controlling my Amygdala.  This programme is a tremendous breakthrough for me.”


Puan Mastura Hj Mohamad, Pengarah, Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor

“QX is a must for all to attend.  I highly recommend as it has impacted and changed my life completely.  I now understand the how and the steps to achieve success effortlessly. Puan Fathiah has delivered the content with passion and energy; cleverly combining the western and spiritual principles for success.  I feel so liberated and light after this training.”


Lora Dash, Entrepreneur

“QX Berjaya mengubah hidup saya sebagai trainer jurusolek.   Saya menerima tawaran kelas bengkel solekan berjumlah RM200,000.   Teknik visualisasi, amygdala dan RAS akan saya ingat sampai bila-bila.”